Student Doula Program

Why choose a student doula?

Student doulas are a great community resource! They are fresh out of doula training and are loaded with knowledge and enthusiasm for birthing families.


All of our student doulas are trained via DONA, ICEA, CBI, BAI, The Doula Alliance or CAPPA and are working toward completing their 3 birth certification requirements. 

 In order to gain the certified doula credential, student doulas support 3 families through birth and the postpartum and receive an evaluation from each family and care provider after each birth.

 While we recognize that hiring a student doula is not for everyone, we are huge advocates for continued education and the advancement of available support for families in our community. After all, we all start somewhere!  

If you are interested in working with a student doula, please let us know by emailing us at:



North State Doula Program connects newly trained doulas with birthing families in their community.







All North State student doulas are paired with families willing to provide them honest evaluation and feedback.